Machine Upgrade

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Machine Upgrade

As you know, Boix Maquinaria has been supplying machines for more than 40 years, and during this time, we have kept a sufficient stock of spare parts to resolve any incident or need that you may have.

But as time goes on, some parts of the old machines (MP, MB, FB/20, FB-20/D, FP-4 green, etc.) have been discontinued. They have become obsolete, or they are not compatible with the new replacement models, as this is the case with some models, displays and automatons (PLC).

Thinking about your business and with the intention that your machines will continue to provide their services for many years to come, we have developed a range of kits that allow you to keep your machine operational by replacing your Display and PLC while making some improvements that were not available before.

We have machines with:

40+ years of experience

100+ million boxes formed

Presence on 5 continents

*  Please note that not all services are available in all regions or countries, so please check the availability in your country or region.

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Boix machines are made to last, but some components that have been discontinued over the years, are obsolete, or are no longer available. For this reason Boix offers you some kits that will allow you to update your machine.