Packaging Assistance

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Our commitment to providing you with the best service allows us to offer you our Packaging Assistance service. This new service allows us to coordinate with you to optimize response times and deadlines.

Thanks to our Packaging Assistance service, you can send us the drawing or design of your blank in a format compatible with our design program. Our technical team will be able to easily check if it can be formed on our machines and offer you a response much more efficiently than by just using drawings or dimensions.

Boix provides this service with 2 fundamental tools:

  • ArtiosCad® box design program.
  • Cutting plotter.

Technical characteristics

* We do not have all types and weights of cardboard, so the mock-ups are
intended to be able to make a preliminary estimate of set-up possibilities. However, you can always send us the final blanks for estimate preparation or for machine completion tests.

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