Assembly Service

The comprehensive solution: machine, operator, adhesive, technical supervision.

Take care of your business; We will take care of the assembly

Assembly Service

Boix puts the box assembly service at your disposal, where, in addition to renting the machine, the service includes an operator for handling the machine, the provision of hot-melt, and technical supervision.


  • New technologies suitable for the assembly service adapted to the needs of each client.
  • Modern machine park, inspected and in perfect working condition.
  • Compliance with labour and safety laws.
  • Qualified technicians in the field.
  • Direct contact with the machine’s manufacturer.
  • Set up the machine for your box models

In short, the assembly service is a comprehensive service, in which we take care of everything related to producing boxes while you take care of the most important thing, your business.

10+ years of experience

300+ devices on the market

200+ million assembled boxes

Specialized services

*  Please note that not all services are available in all regions or countries, so please check the availability in your country or region.

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