"Innovation and efficiency that improve productivity"

The Q-2400 combines innovation and flexibility in a machine capable of satisfiying the most stringent customer requirements.

The Q-2400 is not a conventional machine; thanks to its sophisticated design it is versatile, as it’s ideal for working with a wide range of board grammages as well as multiple box formats.

PROGRAMMING THROUGH simple and user friendly TOUCH SCREEN.


– Blank by blank.

– The blanks are pulled down by suction cups with vacuum generated by Ventury valve.

– Automatic blowing function for cleaning the suction cups.


– Pusher with chain.

– A motor with clutch that “slips” in case of jam thus maintaining the “0” point of the machine.

– An encoder that controls:

* Blank control.

* Glue injection.

* Vacuum management.

* Stroke of the mandrel.

  • OPERATION: Mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatical
  • GLUE SYSTEM: Hot Melt, Glue Injection
  • BOX DESIGN: Plaform®, P-84®, Citrus Box, C-1, Big Ear, Open column
  • PRODUCTION: From 300 up to 2400 TpH
  • TOTAL POWER: 6Kw (W/O compressor)
  • NET WEIGHT: 1,700 Kg
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: 380/220 V (3F+N+PE) – 50/60 Hz
  • CHANGE OF SIZE: By threaded rods and counters
  • CHANGE OF SIZE (IN TIME): 10 to 15 min. Aprox.
  • CHANGE OF DESIGN (IN TIME): 20 to 40 min. Aprox.
  • WORKING AIR PRESSURE: 7 BAR (7 kg/cm2)
  • AIR CONSUMPTION: 425 litres/minute (erecting Plaform®)
  • MACHINE FRAME: 4mm Steel plate
  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS: L: 3270 mm. A: 1785 mm. H: 2165 mm

Types of Boxes



Caja P-84 1

Citrus Box


Big Ear


Kits for Mould

Kit Plaform®

Kit P-84®

Kit Citrus

Kit C-1

Double Wall Kit

Column kit

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