The Q-1800/P is an adaptation to the needs of our customers who demanded a machine that integrates solutions focused on productivity, production control, improvement of autonomy, etc. but without losing the accessibility, flexibility and ergonomics of the machine.

We have developed a large capacity magazine, which allows for more autonomy and improves productivity allowing the operator to perform other functions while running the machine.

We have also incorporated, amongst other improvements: a 10” screen and the possibility of connectivity through Boix Connect (our remote software solution that report you of the status of the machine, production, alarms, etc.). We have added the standard “Quality” forming chamber allowing you to form many more designs of boxes

Screen PROFACE of 10” 

Security barrier at box exit

Quick and easy change for boxes of the same base and different height (1 minute)

High capacity magazine, which offers savings in labor costs.

Prepared for installation of the Boix Connect remote system for production control.

Q-1800 /P

  • Operation: Mechanical, electrical and pneumatic
  • Glue System: By Injection, Hot Melt
  • Box Design: Plaform®, P-84®, Citrus Box, C-1, Big Ear and Open Column
  • Estimated Production: From 400 to 1.800 boxes/hour (6 speeds)
  • Total Power: 7,22 Kw (Optional compressor)
  • Nett Weight: 1.760 Kg
  • Electrical Supply: 380/220 V (3F+N+T) – 50/60 Hz (Other voltages by request)
  • Change of Size: Manually by use of threaded rods and counters
  • Change of Design: 20 – 40 minutes (Aprox)
  • Working Air Pressure: 7 BAR (7 kg/cm2)
  • Air Consumption: 630 liters/minute (1800 boxes/hour)
  • Frame: 4 mm Steel plate
  • Machine Dimensions: L: 4060 mm. A: 1560 mm. H: 2180 mm. / 159.84 x 61.42 x 85.83 inches

Types of Boxes




Caja P-84 1

Citrus Box

Columna Abierta

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