The Quality range offers different models of tray forming machines that have made us a benchmark company in the packaging market.

What sets our machines apart from the rest:

  • Flexibility: The different kits we have developed allow you to change the box design to suit your future production needs.
  • Versatility: These kits and forming parts are compatible with the different Quality range models.

Quality range machines are classified according to their estimated production per hour: Q-700 (up to 700 tph), Q-1530 (up to 1800 tph), Q-1600 (up to 1600 tph), etc., depending on box model and size.


Up to 700 boxes / hour

Up to 1800 boxes / hour 


Up to 1600 boxes / hour


Up to 1800 boxes / hour


Up to 2400 boxes / hour


Up to 4000 boxes / hour