FP-4 /EC is an automatic adjustable machine of our Premium Range which has been developed to form and glue both corrugated and solid trays (“plato” designs) in different weights and combinations, with special column corner reinforcements.

– Robust, easy to operate, low maintenance and reliable machine.

– Incorporates an inline working system by which the machine makes boxes that meet the line’s requirements.

– Inclined hopper of great capacity, specially designed for solid board boxes whilst also being suitable for corrugated boxes.

– NT30 Programmer that can hold up to 90 boxes in its memory. This also enables us to set up to 5 glue lines independently with various injections in each one. All are controlled using an encoder with 4000 degrees resolution. This programmer has a graphic check control, maintenance programme, etc.

– Central oil pump for ease of maintenance.

– This model has a system of auto-control to ensure a perfect gluing of the box.

– The machine is driven by one single motor which guarantees absolute synchronization of movements.

  • OPERATION: Mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatical
  • GLUE SYSTEM: Hot Melt, Glue Injection
  • BOX DESIGN: Plaform®, P-84®, Citrus Box, C-1, Columna
  • PRODUCTION: From 900 up to 1400 tph (4 speeds)
  • TOTAL POWER: 7 Kw (W/O compressor)
  • NET WEIGHT: 2750 Kg
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: 380/220 V (3F+N+PE) – 50/60 Hz
  • CHANGE OF SIZE: By clamps with threaded rods and counters
  • CHANGE OF SIZE (IN TIME): 10 a 15 min. Aprox.
  • CHANGE OF DESIGN (IN TIME): 20 to 40 min. Aprox.
  • WORKING AIR PRESSURE: 7 BAR (7 kg/cm2)
  • AIR CONSUMPTION: 420 litres/minute (maximum consumption for column boxes)
  • MACHINE FRAME: 4mm Steel plate
  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS: L: 5100 mm.; A:1450 mm.; H:2960mm

Types of Boxes

Corrugated board

Solid board

Kits for Mould

Kit Plaform®

Kit P-84®

Kit Citrus

Kit C-1

Double Wall Kit

Column kit

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