Premium FP-4 / 2M machine has 3 different models: FP-4 / 2M1, FP-4 / 2M2 and FP-4 / 2M3. The difference lies in the boxes that each model can form.




Machine description

Synchronization: The machine is equipped with two motors, each with its own drive but controlled by the same PLC. This allows us to move from the lower rate of production to the highest rate without any adjustment.

Hopper: The ergonomic design of the machine and its loader means that all operations can be done from floor level without steps or platforms.

Zero Point:  The machine incorporates a clutch system on the introduction motor which keeps the “0” point in case of cardboard jams.

Automatic Compensation:  when changing machine speed the glue lines are automatically adjusted so that they are always in the correct place and the correct length.

Optional on all versions: Double wall kit in board feed direction available.

Hot Melt Timer: lets you program the glue equipment daily at an appointed time. It also has a standby function that will cut in when the machine has not run for a predeterminated time to reduce the temperature of the glue tank automatically.

Touch screen:  the machine has a colour screen for programming which allows: program selection, change of designs and sizes, language selection, maintenance, problem identification, production statistics, etc. allowing to control all machine processes.

Double Wall Kit:  All three versions can form the double wall in the board feed direction.

Upgrade:  There is an upgrade kit that transforms both an FP-4/2M1 or an FP-4/2M2 in an FP-4/2M3.

Security:  all safety devices are double circuit CE safety level “C”.

Evaporator: mounted inside the machine to ensure a uniform flow, capable of a high production without any vibration. Inside it is a drain valve which purifies the condensed water so that it doesn’t accumulate and reach the valves and cylinders.

Air Pressure:  The centralized control is regulated from the same panel. A monitoring pressure switch prevents the machine to work with incorrect values.

Central Section:  The central section of the machine (where the columns are formed) has a pneumatic lifting system to facilitate the removal of the plates which could be jammed, quickly, easily and effortlessly.

  • OPERATION: Mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatical
  • GLUE SYSTEM: Hot Melt, Glue Injection
  • BOX DESIGN: Plaform®, P-84®, Citrus Box, Open and closed column
  • PRODUCTION: From 1100 up to 2100 tph (6 speeds), From 500 up to 800 tph (3 speeds)
  • TOTAL POWER: 7,5 Kw (W/O compressor)
  • NET WEIGHT: 2000 Kg
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: 380/220 V (3F+N+PE) – 50/60 Hz
  • CHANGE OF SIZE: By clamps with threaded rods and counters
  • CHANGE OF SIZE (IN TIME): 20 to 40 min. Aprox.
  • CHANGE OF DESIGN (IN TIME): 20 to 40 min. Aprox.
  • WORKING AIR PRESSURE: 7 BAR (7 kg/cm2)
  • AIR CONSUMPTION: 2M1: 525 litres/minute (2M1:), 670 (2M2:), 700 (2M3)
  • MACHINE FRAME: 4mm Steel plate
  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS: L:5470 mm.; A:1640 mm.; H:2410 mm

Technical specifications

2M1 Column NORDSON MESA 14-6 / 4 Guns H-201 / 4 hoses / male and doors
2M2 Column NORDSON MESA 14-6 / 4 hoses and  4 guns/ [2 x H-201 + 2 x H-206) / male and doors
2M3 Configurable (Plaform+Column) NORDSON MESA 14-6 / 4 hoses and 4 guns/ [2 x H-201 + 2 x H-206) / mandrel and folding doors / folding guide / guide box without column

Types of Boxes



Caja P-84 1



Type of Column

Kits for Mould

Kit Plaform®

Kit P-84®

Kit Citrus

Kit C-1

Double Wall Kit

Kit Column

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