Stacker AR-2

In Boix Machinery we want to get the most out of your machine, so we’ve designed a range of accessories tailored to your needs, such as stackers and conveyors that increase machine versatility and promote the work optimization.

The AR-2 belongs to the new generation of box stackers developed by BOIX with the aim to offer more and better options for those who require full height or multiple box stacks.

The perfect solution for those clients who want to stack various stacks at the same time capable of stacking individually (up to 1,800 tph), 2 at a time or 3 at a time, or even 4 depending on the sizes.

Furthermore, the AR-2 helps in reducing labor hours as full height stacks are presented for handling.

Being able to stack more than one box at a time allows the AR-2 to stack upto 2,400 boxes per hour adapting to your production requirements.

All stackers are available in 2 versions:

Short version with 2.600 mm belt.

Long version 4.000 mm belt.

Technical specifications

  • OPERATION: Mechanical, electrical and pneumatic
  • GLUE SYSTEM: Not applicable
  • BOX DESIGN: Those with stacking interlock features
  • ESTIMATED PRODUCTION: Up to 2,400 per hour
  • TOTAL POWER: 0.5 Kw
  • NETT WEIGHT:  935 Kg
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: 3 phases +N+E
  • INTRODUCTION SYSTEM:  Conveyor belt
  • CHANGE OF SIZE:  Manually by use of threaded rods and counters
  • CHANGE OF SIZE TIME: Approx 5 to 10 mins
  • AIR CONSUMPTION: 11 cfm (stacking 2 columns at 2,400 per hour).
  • FRAME : 4 mm mild steel plate
  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS:  L:4,430 mm A:1,480 mm H:2,905 mm

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