Many fairs and events may be modified, suspended and/or postponed, so we ask that you consult with us before planning your attendance so that we can better inform you of our presence.

Fairs Planned for 2023

Fruit Logistica - Germany (8/9/10 February)

Fruit Logistica 2918FEBR

Seafood - India (15/16/17 February)

CEE International - Germany (14/15/16 March)

Cfia Rennes- France (14/15/16 March)

Expo Empaque - Mexico (22/23/24 March)

Empack - Netherlands (5 and 6 April)

Global Cherry - Chile (20 April)

CPMA - Canada (25/26/27 April)

Interpack - Germany (from May 4th to 10th)

Fresh India Show - India (June 9th and 10th)

Expo Pack - Mexico (13/14/15 June)

Asia Fruit Logistica - Hong Kong (6/7/8 August)

Asia Fruit Logistic

Foodex - India (August 27th & 28th)

Pack Expo International - Las Vegas (11/12/13 September)

Indian Corr - Bombay (28/29/30 September)

Fruit Attraction - Madrid (3/4/5 October)

EurAsia Packaging- Turquía (from October 11th to 14th)

ACCCSA - Mexico (17/18/19 October)

Global Produce Floral - U.S.A. (19/20/21 October)

IBA - Alemania (From October 22nd to 26th)

iFresh Asia Fruit - China (8/9/10 November)

Paperex - India (6/7/8/9 December)

Más Información

Póngase en contacto con nosotros si desea conocer nuestra presencia en alguna feria