Boix Machinery U.S.A.

Boix Maquinaria has been supplying box forming and closing machines for the North American market since 1998.

Our main objective has always been to provide our customers with more direct and closer communication. That is why, in 2013, we decided to establish an office in the United States, preferably in Houston.

With the aim of being able to continue offering you the best service, in 2021 we inaugurated our new facilities, in which we have spacious offices, a showroom, a spare parts warehouse, etc. with which we hope to continue offering the best service throughout the national territory.

Boix USA has a broad product portfolio that allows it to provide services to several and diverse sectors. It also has a highly qualified team that is able to respond to your production needs, which has helped make Boix U.S.A. one of the most important providers of machines for forming and closing of both corrugated and solid cardboard boxes.


We have a new headquarters with more than 2500 m2 in which we have extensive facilities that will allow us to continue offering a global service to the entire national territory.

We can offer you the following services:

  • The solution that best suits your business.
  • As we are manufacturers, we have in-house produced spare and replacement parts.
  • Low maintenance and Factory warranty.
  • Technical service in the country, which reduces response times and improves service quality.
  • Service in your language and on your schedule.

Our Machines 

Boix Maquinaria is your ideal box forming partner because…

…We offer worldwide support. With offices around the world, we can provide global services including support..

…We produce 95% of the spare parts by ourselves, so we can guarantee product quality and provide fast delivery

…With more than 45 years of experience, we have established great professional knowledge

Technical support 

In addition to the Technical Service itself, you have several options for improving the performance and productivity of your business.

  • Training service: either at your facility or in ours, your technicians can learn the correct operation of the machines.
  • Maintenance service: a Boix technician visits your machines periodically to carry out maintenance and keep track of tasks that can save you lots of trouble.
  • Spare parts service.
  • Start-up and logistics.