Boix Europe

With more than 10 years of experience, Boix Europe is a supplier of tray forming machines and market leader in forming and gluing, both corrugated and solid board packaging

Your box forming partner


The solution for forming small cardboard trays and punnets

Fast, flexible, and low maintenance

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At Boix Maquinaria, we firmly believe that the sale does not end when the machine is delivered, but rather that it is a link joining us with our clients, so that we can offer them all the help they may need to make their business as productive as possible.

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Connectivity and technology at your fingertips

Boix Europe

Founded in 2010 with the aim of being able to offer services to our clients, with a more direct and closer relationship. Boix Europe has a broad product portfolio with which we can provide services to several and diverse sectors, such as: the food industry, the agricultural industry, and industry in general

Our personal approach, the high-quality standards of our machines and the need for continuous improvement have contributed to making Boix Europe a leading company in the European market.


Boix Europe is located in Eerbeek, The Netherlands, where it has extensive and modern facilities. It also Boix Europe has several sales location in Europe to serve our customers in central and Eastern Europe.

Our efforts are focused on providing comprehensive service; we will advise you on the best machine alternative for your business, then we will send it to you wherever you need it, after that we will take care of the start-up and training of your technicians, and finally we will provide you with technical support to help you solve any setbacks you may have.

Our Machines 

Boix is your ideal Box Forming Partner because…

…We offer worldwide support. With offices around the world, we can provide global services including support.

…We produce 95% of the spare parts by ourselves, so we can guarantee product quality and provide fast delivery

…With more than 45 years of experience, we have established great professional knowledge

Technical support

In addition to the Technical Service itself, you have several options for improving the performance and productivity of your business.

  • Training service: either at your facility or in ours, your technicians can learn the correct operation of the machines.
  • Maintenance service: a Boix technician visits your machines periodically to carry out maintenance and keep track of tasks that can save you lots of trouble.
  • Spare parts service.
  • Start-up and logistics.

Our Facilities

We have facilities of more than 2,000 m2, in which you will find:

  • Sales team.
  • Technical Service.
  • Replacement warehouse.
  • Machine exhibition.
  • Training department.