Boix history

Effort and dedication


The company began life in a small workshop located in Elche. In that modest location D. José Boix, greatly helped by the dedicated support of his wife Mrs. Maria Luisa Sebastian, began manufacturing repair parts for various machines in the footwear sector. In those days many machine imports weren’t able to get any form of technical backup in the Spanish market.

“Dedication, innovation and commitment … that’s how business works effectively’

 D. José Boix


In 1973, with due thanks to its ingenuity and foresight in developing mechanical solutions, a small company called “José Boix Jaén” was founded and made the very first shoe box machine under this name. The whole story of Boix Maquinaria began with that one small but innovative step.

Family business

In 2011 a generational change occurred. Following the retirement of D. José Boix, his children Fran, Rosa and Juan Antonio, took over control of the business. They were committed to continuing international expansion and development of new product lines and services. They were also intent on devising a way to modernize the entire company without losing sight of the very thing that had helped BOIX reach its high status as industry leader in the first place:

Boix have never forgotten the two key factors that helped make them one of the sector’s prime leaders:

Effort and dedication

Timeline with the most important events in the history of Boix


The first parts and components were manufactured and an efficient system for maintaining auxiliary footwear machinery was set in motion.



Manufacturing the first machines for the footwear industry.



Boix brand manufacturing and marketing was launched.


machine boix

The first patented system was developed.
The following year the first patent in the name of José Boix Jaén was registered.


boix logo

“José Boix Jaén” (Now known as Boix Machinery) was formed.


Forming Machine

The first box forming machine for cardboard boxes intended for the footwear sector waas made


First exports to Venezuela.

First exports to Venezuela


machines for the agricultural machines for the agricultural

The first machines for the agricultural sector were made.


Boix Machinery

Boix Machinery was born.


 Machine boxes


First machine for model P-84® boxes.


Machine FP-4 for Closed column boxes.

First machine FP-4 for Closed column boxes.


First machine model Plaform® boxes.

First machine model Plaform® boxes.


Machine factory

Transfer to the new factory in San Isidro.


Export Award of the Chamber of Commerce.

Export Award of the Chamber of Commerce.
Recognition of more than 3 decades exporting more than 80% of production


Quality Machine


Launch of the new ranges Quality, Premium and Select.


The Boix family carried out a corporate restructuring plan,
and as a result Boix Machinery Spain, SLU was founded


Investing in R & D

Investing in R & D


National Award for Occupational Risk Prevention

National Award for Occupational Risk Prevention

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