Corporate policy

Mission, vision and values

The aims and far-seeing achievements of Boix Machinery, together with the values listed below, inspire our daily activities and dictate areas of policy. They also guide our strategy and influence the behavior of the entire team that forms our business setup.




Boix Mission

To be the best alternative supplier of forming machines and erecting tray boxes. Investing in a product that’s constantly being renewed technologically and with maximum flexibility, robustness and adaptability of the market. The company is also committed to satisfying the needs of our customers by offering commercial and technical support on five continents.

Boix Aim

To establish ourselves as a multinational company that’s responsible, efficient, competitive and prepared to compete globally.
To be able to supply machines on five continents from subsidiary offices in several countries, and develop all core business activities in each subsidiary.

Boix Values

Values for us are very important, since they define how we are, what we believe and what kind of company we want to be.

Boix Values


Boix Family icon

After 45 years our company still has all the values that characterize a family business: closeness, dedication, effort and integrity.


Boix Innovative

We are committed to implementing  our own Engineering Department, where we design all our machine models.

This also allows us to evaluate the best alternatives for components and materials in order to provide them with the right technologically advanced solutions for their needs.


Responsible Boix

We encourage business practices that add value and improve sustainability by reducing waste and focussing on recycling.

We are constantly making efforts to improve our facilities, in order to make them more energy efficient.


Honest: Boix

We manufacture machines based on our own design and development, using our own patents and utility models.

We guarantee and respect the utmost confidentiality in all matters relating to our customers and their products.


Committed: Boix

Our commitment is based on a strong work ethic that strictly complies with the law, as well as with the principles and standards of Boix Group.

We are company-committed people. All our efforts are aimed at ensuring the safety and health of our employees, and this is why we have introduced a system of best practices along with our prevention plan.


Boix Efficient:

Ours is an effective and dynamic organization, with an interdepartmental structure that allows us to perfect our processes and resources.

We adhere very strictly to the order applied to the management of resources, people and facilities.

All our decisions are focussed on the optimization of corporate organization.

Personal guidance:

Boix Personal guidance:

Staff and Collaborators: We are well aware that our main asset is “human capital” , and, thanks to the sum of knowledge, effort and talent of everyone involved, we have managed to achieve our goals and objectives.

Suppliers: We firmly believe that our relationship is fundamentally based on respect, cooperation, transparency and teamwork. Our common goal is “customer satisfaction”.

Customers: Another of our main objectives is to be able to understand what our customers value most and to focus on giving them that value in everything we do.

Corporate policy

Our company deals with:

  • People: We offer professional development opportunities based on training and professional contribution.
  • Health and Safety: We are firmly committed to safety and health at work, promoting a culture of prevention.
  • Teamwork: We encourage the participation of all our staff in helping achieve a common goal by sharing information and knowledge.
  • Ethical conduct: We encourage professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect for people, institutions and companies.
  • Customer focus: We focus our efforts on customer satisfaction, providing competitive and quality solutions.
  • Innovation: We promote constant improvement and innovation to meet the maximum profitability criteria.
  • Environment: We are committed to implementing sustainable environmental practices, and invest in the condition of our facilities so that we can be more energy efficient.
  • Continuing Education: Boix is committed to continuous training of our workers. We boast a training policy on a range of courses, seminars, masters aims, etc. This way our staff are kept constantly updated and at the forefront of new trends, content and knowledge.