About us

The Boix structure organization is designed to develop in 5 large areas and several departments that handle the various tasks that support the Boix Maquinaria structure.

Working from an original plan, our departments are busy shaping machines that are best suited to your needs. We select the raw material, we choose each component, create the design, manufacture parts and assembly process, in accordance with most stringent quality control requirements.

These departments are all interconnected and share a common philosophy of hard work and a low level of hierarchy. This efficient communal structure enables us to act quickly and closely with our customers.

Engineering area

Engineering department

Boix currently has an extensive specialized technical team composed of engineers from different specialties, which together with our modern facilities and the latest technology allows us to offer the best machine design proposals and solutions.

Engineering covers all developments of the R & D Product as well as the registration of patents and utility models.

Production Area

Two key departments within the Production Area are machining and assembly, which cover both the manufacture of parts and components and the assembling of the machine, thus ensuring the quality and finish of the Boix machine elements.

This is why we guarantee that from time we receive the order to the time we deliver the product, all processes are implemented and developed inside our facilities. Boix has its own machining section, which gives us full control of all manufacturing and guarantees the quality and finish of all the machine’s components. There’s also a wide section of mounting and assembly machines that are linked to the quality of parts and components, and the machines accordingly excel in quality, robustness and efficiency.

The production area includes the following departments: Machining, Process, Assembly, Logistics and Maintenance.

Machining departments

We have about 50 machines, specific tools and CNC. Our workshop is organized to offer our customers personalized services designed to meet your needs. Also we work with all materials such as steel, nonferrous alloys, polyamides, PVC, polycarbonates.

4,500 m2 intended exclusively for the manufacture and machining of details.

Assembly departments

The Mount section  is for us one of the key points within the organization, since it deals with all assembly processes as well as those of the operating machine. We have highly qualified staff assigned to each of these processes and they all have clearly defined personnel duties (engineering, mechanics, electronics, etc.) These combined factors ensure the efficient finish and operation of our machines.

All assembly processes are centralized at our plant in Spain under our own strict quality control, which ensures that all machines manufactured by Boix machines are tested and in perfect working condition.

Logistics and spare parts

We have an area of Warehouse and Logistics of approximately 4,000 m2, allowing us to:

  • Respond to your needs in the shortest possible time.
  • Have full round-the-clock knowledge of our stock of available parts thanks to our efficient computerized control system.
  • Shorten delivery times.
  • Improve service response.

Our five subsidiaries are equipped with the basic stocks of spares and parts to meet their needs. This allows us to supply components of different machine models in the shortest time possible and deliver them to wherever your business is located.

Commercial and Services

Sales department

We have a highly qualified commercial team with proven experience who can advise you on the best alternative machine to meet your production needs, or the one that’s best suited to your designs or box models.

We also have a network of official representatives who can help you wherever you are.

After sales department

At Boix Machinery we understand the importance of repairing things efficiently. That’s why we offer our very own Official Technical Service. And remember – no one knows our machines better than we do.