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We have been developing packaging solutions for more than 45 years.
Each project is special, and so are your needs.

More than four decades of experience have made Boix Machinery Spain a benchmark in the tray erecting manufacturers market sector.

Our machines provide solutions for many different industries and applications, whether they’re solid manufactures, agricultural (fruit and vegetable), food industry or general industry.

What makes Boix different from other manufacturers is that all the manufacturing processes are developed by us inside our own business facilities.

Everything and every aspect of the production procedure, from design, choice of materials and components, through machining and assembly, takes place inside our own factory under very strict quality controls.

In BOIX we take quality very seriously, because we know that just one happy customer will lead to a lot of other happy customers





As we see it, Boix is a living entity. It allows us to develop our business and objectives while at the same time enjoying everything we do.

Our company exemplifies the drive and commitment of a team of people who are all striving to achieve common goals.

That team works very hard each single day to design and manufacture machines that provide that exact blend of satisfaction and performance that the market clearly needs.




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