Sealable Cardboard Punnets

Sealable Cardboard Punnets

New tray forming machine for sealable cardboard punnets.

“The “Top Seal” is a punnet whose flaps have been beaten down and sealed with a film”

The MCT-1/TS It has been specially designed to automatically assemble model trays or punnets. These in turn are used by the fruit and vegetable sectors to store fresh goods and other items for food consumption such as fast and takeaway specialities, meat, confectionary and bakery products.

At Boix we have been designing and developing a machine that is capable of forming punnet with the 4 ledges folded down and glued on the 4 corners. To do this, we have taken as a base one of our most iconic and tested machines, the MCT-1 to which we have been adapting and incorporating all the components, movements and technological improvements necessary to form a Top Seal punnet in a compact and small machines. The machine is capable of reaching speeds of up to 4,800 trays per hour, depending on the design of the punnet. The forming head is driven by servo motors for a precise control. Twin head machine with separate magazines, allowing for different sizes on each head.

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