HAT/D Machines for lidding cardboard boxes

HAT/D Machines for lidding cardboard boxes

Machines for lidding and tray erecting cardboard to improve warehouse packaging operations.

Solutions for the automatic lidding and capping of multiple box designs for e-commerce logistic operators.

In view of the expectations and growth trends of online consumption logistics, operators now face new challenges. These include improving automation and optimizing processes in warehouse packaging. We have also identified specific needs in various markets and international sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tools and e-commerce. This has resulted in our development and evolution of new machine models for lidding.

The above trends all mark the present state and future projected steps involved in marketing our projects. They have led us to create new machine models that are focused on providing improved production methods in the whole packaging process. These in turn optimize cardboard consumption costs and facilitate more direct integration into the packaging line. We now consequently have more flexible machine models which allow you to perform lidding at different heights and with different box designs. We´re also able to reduce or even eliminate the times allocated to changes in size.

Our lidding system is based on gluing a lid by means of hotmelt, which ensures, perfect closure on all four sides of a box thus avoiding any manipulation and/or deterioration. We have classified and identified several different types of box closured: e.g. with flat lids, using a C-1 box as a lid…Our HAT range line of lidding machines are specially designed to provide solutions for all these closing possibilities.

The main advantage of our machines that it guarantees protection of your products against losses, deterioration, subtraction and/or contamination: a key factor in avoiding incidents (or accidents or mishaps) in electronic commerce.


Standard closure refers to a cap with 4 flaps sticking to the sides of the box.


This adaptation is used for closing Plaform® boxes or similar that have a a ledge or shelf  to glue the lid to.


The closing is done by forming a C-1 box Cover

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