Are you looking for box forming machine?

Are you looking for box forming machine?

We are at a time of important changes in the sector mainly due to the entry into force of the European regulations for the prohibition of single-use plastics in the territory of the European Union that will come into force during 2021.

Among other measures, it includes the following:

  • Stopping sales of single-use plastic utensils.
  • Reduction in the consumption of food containers and plastic cups.
  • Establishment of fees for producers to cover part of the waste management and cleaning costs.

In addition, the transformation is taking place in the way all kinds of products are consumed. There is a new type of consumer who is increasingly interested in their shopping basket being sustainable, which is forcing manufacturers and producers to search new solutions and applications that meet this demand, which offers a great opportunity for paper and cardboard, since it allows them to access new lines of business, which until recently were dominated by plastic or other materials, such as:


MCT–1V punnet machine

The MCT-1/V punnet machine is an automatic and adjustable 2-headed tray former, which can set up 2 different sizes of trays simultaneously. The compact packaging machine is mechanically driven by 1 motor that drives 2 adjustable heads with the aid of connecting rods. This allows the machine to simultaneously set up 2 different sizes of trays and punnets of corrugated- and solid board with a capacity up to 6.000 to 7.000 trays per hour. No qualified technician is required for changing formats.

Main advantages and characteristics of the MCT-1 automatic formers:

  • High production.
  • Small size machine (space savings)
  • Double head
  • Easy change of measure and little maintenance
  • Format changes at very low cost
  • Directly integrated into the packaging line
  • Compact machine, easy to use and with low maintenance.

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